Blackjack 2D

When I first started programming in C++, one of the first games I wrote was Blackjack as a text-based Windows Console Application. Back then I was eager to start learning about graphics so I could recreate the game with actual 2D images. Later on when I started learning about DirectX, I did just that and created Blackjack 2D as my very first game with 2D graphics. It had a card class, used by containers for the card deck and hands, as well as a basic AI player.

GitHub: Blackjack-2D

Beyond Boulder Dome

Before I ventured into serious programming, I started out modding some of my favourite games. This project was released back in 2012 and was a large team project for Fallout: New Vegas, where I was the lead scripter and project manager. Most of my work involved utilizing the in-house scripting engine to build gameplay and missions. The project taught me a lot about working in a large development team and the importance of elaborate planning, which was an area this project lacked in.

Mod Download Page: Beyond Boulder Dome