My name is Robert John Helms and I’m currently on the last year of my Software Engineering and Game Development degree, due to finish April/May 2017. During my time on the course, I’ve built various applications and games, including programming a 2D and 3D engine from scratch in C++ using the DirectX9 libraries. I’ve also spent a lot of time using Unreal Engine 4 and I was able to exhibit at the PLAY Expo (2016) in Blackpool.

I have about 4 years of experience using C++, and one of my main interests is in the field of AI programming. To this end I’m currently working on a personal 2D game project for my dissertation, where I have implemented features such as a navigation graph and pathfinding algorithms which utilise multi-threading, in order to navigate collision. I have experience in Java too and I’ve successfully ported the first version of my dissertation project to the Android platform. I also have experience in C# and Unity 5, and I’m currently working on a 2D game project in Unity 5.

I am an avid student of game design, and am always looking to build upon my knowledge in this area, by playing and analyzing video games, attending gaming conventions and conferences and studying books and online tutorials.

If you would like to contact me, I can be reached at RobertJohnHelms@gmail.com

You can also follow my development blogĀ HERE!