House Robot 2D

House Robot is a 2D game I’ve been developing for the final year project of my degree. It’s being created to accompany a dissertation I’m writing on Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment (DDA). The dissertation has a strong emphasis on AI behaviours and pathfinding, which certain implementations of DDA concerning opponent modelling rely upon. The game was written from scratch in C++ using the DirectX9 libraries for graphics. It utilises multi-threading to optimise performance with regards to pathfinding algorithms.

I also recently converted the C++ code into Java using Android Studio and managed to get the first prototype working on my Android phone device. This was fairly straightforward given the similarities between C++ and Java. The only challenging aspect was rewriting the movement controls to use touch-screen instead of keyboard input.

GitHub: HouseRobot-2D-PC   |   HouseRobot-2D-Android


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